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Real Estate Teams vs. The regular Realtor, Las Vegas

Rob: Hello, I’m Rob Jenson with the Jenson Group at RE/MAX CENTRAL here in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada and what I wanted to talk to you a little bit about today was what makes our team better for you than your traditional real... Continue Reading »

Pool Building: Interview with Joe Vassallo from Paragon Pools

Rob: Hello, Joe!  Thanks for being with me today. Joe: Good to see you, Rob. Rob: So tell everybody a little bit about what you do and where you come from. Joe: My company is Paragon Pools.  My name is Joe Vassallo and... Continue Reading »

The Rob Report – September ’09 Las Vegas Findings

The numbers are in for September.  Demand is still very strong for under $300,000.  Bidding wars are still common.  FHA buyers beware of homes that were recently purchased at a trustee sale, as they cannot be sold to a FHA... Continue Reading »

Buying Short Sales in Las Vegas, NV

Short sales are here to stay for quite some time.  With almost 10,000 single family homes on the market and bidding wars on the bank owned homes, I thought it was time for me to share my short sale strategy.  However, if you... Continue Reading »

Appraiser Scott Dugan interview on Las Vegas home values

Scott Dugan has done a lot of appraisals in his day and he is still very active.  I thought it was time for this interview because I have had a lot of questions from sellers and buyers on the appraisal process, how do short sales... Continue Reading »

Buying Las Vegas Real Estate Foreclosures

Buying Las Vegas real estate foreclosures can be a rewarding and frustrating thing.  In today’s “buyer’s market” buyers are getting incredible deals, but you get to earn it.  Buying a foreclosure can... Continue Reading »

House Hunters Las Vegas Cast & Crew

House Hunters Las Vegas

Just wrapped up shooting with HGTV’s House Hunters!  It was a fun experience working with the producer Robert and crew.  It started off a little rough lining up the properties for the show.  I was surprised at how unwilling... Continue Reading »

SHORT CIRCUIT-The Event in The Ridges

Our “SHORT CIRCUIT” event in The Ridges was a huge success.  Over 400 people attended to view The Jenson Group’s newest Las Vegas Luxury Home Listing in The Ridges, 54 Meadowhawk Lane.  The home was built by... Continue Reading »

The Rob Report – Las Vegas Real Estate, August 2009 Findings

The numbers for August are in.  Of most interest, the average sales price is up 1.3%.  Obviously this is fueled by the lower numbers of available foreclosures on the market and the short sale problem (buyer’s are reluctant... Continue Reading »

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