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Out of Town Home Owner Sells with The Jenson Group


Fred Spigarelli 2860 Desert Troon St. Willow Creek: Las Vegas, NV 89135

Rob: Hello, I’m Rob Jenson with the Jenson Group here at RE/MAX CENTRAL in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada and I’m sitting here today with Fred Spigarelli.

Hey Fred, how’s it going?

Fred: Good.

Rob: Congratulations, we just sold your home at 2060 Desert Troon over there in Eden Ridge in Willow Creek. And I just wanted to chat with you a little bit about the sale and get your experience.

How did it go?

Fred: Oh it – I’ll tell you it was a great experience. I must say to start out with we were reluctant to downsize and then I found your name through an advertisement, you sent me a card through the mail.

And we finally decided we needed something smaller. We contacted you, within a very small or a limited time from the time of the execution of the agreement until the time you sold was less than six months.

That’s one aspect of it, but I must say that you and your staff were available to us. Anytime we wanted to talk to you, you were available. So that’s seven days a week and I know that when a prospective buyer made an offer you would call me, we would discuss it at length and we would plan our strategy. You would give me suggestions, you’d give me a basis for why you suggested it and I don’t think you could ask for anything more, I’m completely pleased.

Rob: Great, and we were pretty aggressive on our marketing efforts. Was there anything that stood out as far as the marketing?

Fred: Well, it was a giant effort. I mean, through the mailing and videoing of the home and whatever it was it worked. You got a buyer there that was ready, willing and able and…

Rob: It did it. It closed.

Fred: It did. It did it.

Rob: We had a few hurdles along the way and you said earlier it’s like a process.

Fred: It is a process because I believe that at some point in time, at least my experience, is that there is a number out there that both buyer and seller may reach. They may not but when they reach that number I always thought that was the end, we’ve got an agreement.

But in today’s world and in this, what I would call an unstable economic atmosphere, then after you sign the contract then you have the lending institution for the buyer that may appraise the property for less than the correct price. And then basically you start all over again.

And so you guys stayed with it and, I mean, it was like riding a bucking bronco. You stayed with us.

Rob: All the way through. And then fortunately we were able to help you out getting things, getting the… Yeah, inventory lists for the furniture, getting the movers there, making sure they packed the right stuff and making sure they actually send it to you.

Fred: Yeah, that was all extra. Yeah. And it was all done and done just in due time. I mean, it was just within several days.

So, I’m well pleased. You know, usually you think well there’s something you can say that would be negative and I really can’t.

Rob: You can say it, I’m not afraid. I mean, I’m always looking to improve. If there’s any…

Fred: No, just the driving force was hard work and a lot of thought and preparation. So and that’s what happened and if you did something or if the group did something that was negative I sure didn’t know anything about it.

All I know was we had a sale in bad times and it worked out and it was a beautiful house, I hated to turn loose of it but at my age we just decided we wanted to downsize a little bit. So we’re expecting you to come through for us on that so…

Rob: Well, thank you very much for your time.

Fred: All right.



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