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MUST KNOW Information – July 2012 Real Estate Update

July 12, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

As the saying goes, the one thing you can always count on is “Change.”  With that being said, the real estate market is experiencing a few major changes right now that you should be aware of.

The inventory is very low.  The most recent statistics from the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors, put the inventory of single family homes at 3,800 for June 1st, 2012.  This is 66.3% lower from the previous year and 8.7% lower from the previous month!  The reason for the change is Assembly Bill 284.  AB284 was passed October 1st, 2011 and has severely limited the ability of the bank to foreclose.  The lack of inventory has created multiple offer situations and appraisal problems again in certain segments of the market.

New taxes are headed your way beginning 2013 if there is not an expected extension of what has been known as the Bush tax cuts.  In addition, even without the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision for Obamacare the new health care plan tax provisions were ready to be instituted starting in 2013 and now is the time to talk to your CPA to determine how these changes will affect you.  Some of the key changes are long term capital gains going from 15% to 20% (as part of possible increase, if the Bush tax cuts are not extended in 2012), a new 3.8% Medicare Tax (as part of Obamacare) on “net investment income” (which includes taxable real estate sales) for taxpayers as adjusted gross income exceeds $200,000 depending upon filing status (married/head of household or single).

Homeowners considering a short sale should know the following.  The attorneys are jumping right into the game charging hefty fees upfront and then making clients use “their” agent.  I recommend you interview & select your Attorney & Realtor, separately.  Secondly, the non-recognition/exemption of Form 1099 debt discharge for primary residence real property is still set to expire this year without year end 2012 adjustments to law provisions.  This means that for individuals that receive a Form 1099 in 2013 for the short sale or foreclosure of their home could be liable for ordinary income recognition and corresponding tax on their realized transaction, including debt discharge in excess of fair market value.  It is possible this debt discharge/exemption provision could be extended for 2013 and close attention should be provided by individuals and professionals as to current status .  So if you are on the fence about a short sale, I would recommend you get it done this year with close attention to expected bank delays for approval that consistently apply.

We are here to help whether you need assistance with selling or buying your home – call us anytime!


Now Hiring… Looking for Talented Team Members!

March 9, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

Luxury real estate las vegas talent

Seeking Talent in LV!

Do these words describe you or anyone you know?

The Jenson Group is looking for talented team members –both sales and admin positions.

Come work with a fun dynamic team!

We hire people, not resumes.

Email for a list of job opportunities.

HD Video Tours Trump Your Traditional Virtual Tour

November 16, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Rob Jenson interviews Clay Lilley from about the major benefits of High Definition Video Home tours and the future of video in real estate marketing. This interview was done with my own camera while Clay was in town from California to shoot 7 tours for me. They are available to watch on my website or go to the itunes store and find my podcast to download the tours to your iphone, ipod touch, etc.

Real Estate Teams vs. The regular Realtor, Las Vegas

October 27, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Rob: Hello, I’m Rob Jenson with the Jenson Group at RE/MAX CENTRAL here in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada and what I wanted to talk to you a little bit about today was what makes our team better for you than your traditional real estate agent. And what it really boils down to is one word, and that’s specialization.

Let me explain. Your traditional real estate agent is usually a one person show. Maybe they’ve got a little part-time help and they’re left with dealing with everything. And let me tell you, real estate there’s a lot, especially a lot going on behind the scenes. And that comes to marketing properties whether it’s organizing photography, postcards, ads, brochures, MLS. You’ve got all the paperwork that’s involved with getting a deal closed, getting a listing into the computer and also negotiating short sales etc., and then that doesn’t even include negotiating deals, showing property, writing offers. So there’s a lot going on.

So what we’ve done, and what I’m really proud of, is we’ve got a team, the Jenson Group and what that means is our buyer agents, or buyer specialists, that’s all they’re dedicated to is showing homes, writing offers, knowing the market and knowing the comps.

They’re not tied down with having to list a property, get out postcards, make sure that last paperwork is in so the file can close on time. They really just are buyer specialists and so first of all if you’re buying a home through us you can know that your agent isn’t busy running around doing all this other stuff, their time is dedicated to you.

So secondly, we’ve got our closing coordinator Donna Williams. She’s fantastic, she’s in the office Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 5:00 and she answers our phone. So if you called her in that time she’ll answer it, otherwise it will probably be me or someone else. And she just works very hard at getting deals closed timely and getting our short sales approved.

So same thing, I mean an amazing amount of paperwork and detail has to be spent on our files, she gets it done. And we’ve got our listing coordinator Desiree, and she’s great as well. Same thing, all the details and new answers which are very important; but also very time consuming, they go into marketing listings and getting them out there on the Internet and all our other marketing avenues. Desiree oversees that.

And obviously, we’ve got a lot of service providers behind the scenes; our photographer, video team, copywriter, graphic designer, different Web providers, search engine optimization, the list goes on and on, interior designer for staging.

And last but not least, me, Rob Jenson. Basically what I do, I handle really the listing side of the business, making sure our marketing is going how it should be, and it’s effective, and bringing in buyers to our properties, obviously making sure our deals do get closed and that overall the experience is great for everyone and you can expect more great stuff from our team and that’s why I hope you call us in, give us a shot.

Otherwise I’m always available for any questions you might have and so is my team.

Thank you very much, have a good day.

Help your Las Vegas real estate agent help you

June 18, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Here is my #1 piece of real estate advice to help you make your Las Vegas home shopping easy.

Communicate with your agent as to when you will be looking at homes and how urgent it is that you buy.

I felt the need to post this, mostly out of recent frustration.  I’ve found that trying to fit in all of my clients that want to look at homes 5 minutes after they called me, was ultimately under serving the client.  I understand there are moments of availability in everyone’s schedule that might serve as the perfect opportunity to get out and see some homes, which I can appreciate.  The reality is, 1-2 days notice to show homes is really a big help to everyone.  It gives the home owners sufficient time to prepare the home for the showing.  The agent now has enough time to research the properties to see if they are a short sale, REO, etc. and pull comps, MLS history and any additional helpful information.  It is common that homes have alarms set or may be only shown on an appointment basis.  Your Realtor should be flexible and willing to work with your schedule, just be sure to communicate the plan.  Good Luck & Happy House Hunting!

Why should you hire a real estate agent?

February 15, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

The internet has made home shopping easier than ever, so why do you need a buyer’s agent or any agent for that matter.   The clip from below in from the classic movie “Jerry Maguire.”  In the movie, Jerry (Tom Cruise) acts on behalf of his client to ultimately get his client more money.

Jerry Maguire – Show me the Money

So what does this have to do with you and your home search?  A real estate agent costs you no money upfront, just like Jerry, and is usually paid by the seller’s listing agent.  A Realtor will tell you the truth, what you may want to hear and not want to hear.  Ultimately, a Realtor acts in your best interest to help you find the best home at the best price, or sell your home for the best price, putting more money in your pocket.

The agent you choose is very important.  I would recommend interviewing Realtors before you happen to just stumble across one.  Please share your thoughts, experiences, and ideas for finding and interviewing real estate agents.