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Adventure Las Vegas…

February 27, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

Wind rushing along your face… light flickering between objects… wheels screaming along the track… and the howl of the wind chiming in your ears… I’m not talking about some fancy roller coaster on the Las Vegas Strip; this is mountain biking, Vegas style. The main reason I choose Las Vegas to call home was simple; the outdoors. Within five minutes of Summerlin, you’ll easily find yourself racing along world class mountain biking trails in the Cottonwood Valley of the Red Rock National Conservation Area.  Or better yet for the city slicker; road biking the notorious Red Rock loop, a 13 mile paradise of hills and valleys for cyclists. Las Vegas has more to offer in terms of adventure sports than most destinations including pristine weather, lack of crowds, mountains & water and access to some of the most incredible desert landscapes the Southwest has to offer.  Las Vegas is my home and hosts the perfect canvas for me to capture what I love.

If you’re not into racing along single track and tearing up the dirt on your mountain bike, you’re always welcome to enjoy a relaxing hike with a view that any Las Vegas hotel would envy. Some of the best hiking in the world can be found right here at home in the surrounding mountains of the Vegas Valley.  For that perfect view of the Las Vegas strip, a great hike to explore is the Calico Tanks trail located within the Red Rock National Conservation Area.  Again, just minutes outside of Summerlin. This hike offers a panoramic view of Las Vegas from the summit and also reserves a large natural geological tank often full of water.

Still haven’t gotten your fix? Next up, world class rock climbing located at Red Rock Canyon and Mt Charleston.  These local destinations provide some of the country’s most challenging rock climbing routes. At any given time in the fall, winter or spring you can drive the 13 mile Red Rock Loop road and enjoy watching local and visiting climbers working their way up the vertical sandstone rock walls. As Red Rock Canyon is considered a premier world class climbing destination for climbers of all ability levels, climbers travel from around the globe to Las Vegas to test their skills on the challenging rock terrain of the Red Rock Canyon.

Vegas offers several different types and styles of rock climbing to accommodate any adventurer. From bouldering, which is a method of climbing with out a rope on large boulders to spending long days exploring the vertical big wall climbing in a more traditional style. No matter which style you choose, Vegas is the place to be.

Snow in the desert? Did I mention Vegas has everything? A few times a year, the surrounding mountains can turn into the mini Himalayas, creating breath taking views of the powerful contrast of desert and snow.  To view additional images of this dramatic landscape, visit: Let’s not forget about the East side of Vegas and the Lake Mead area.  Lake Mead offers many types of adventure activities, from kayaking to hiking, check out the River Mountains Trail for a non-stop, paved cruise from Henderson to Lake Mead.  There’s also the Historic Railroad Trail that runs along the Southern part of Lake Mead all the way to the Hoover Dam for those seeking hiking or mountain biking.

Who would think that within a relaxing half hour drive of the Las Vegas strip, you can be playing in the snow of Vegas’ Mt Charleston.  During summer months, Mt. Charleston offers cooler summer temps as a great escape from the city.  And, as far as recreation goes, Mt. Charleston has it all!  From world class rock climbing to hiking to skiing and snowshoeing.   What’s more? No crowds…just beautiful open spaces.
It’s very easy to see why I’ve chosen Las Vegas to call home, now get out and play…